Dynamic Maps

Dynamic noise maps are acoustic maps that depict in real time the temporal evolution of noise levels. In the DYNAMAP project two pilot areas have been identified to perform the dynamic maps in order to test the different requirements associated to major roads and agglomerations. The first pilot area is located in the agglomeration of Milan and will cover a significant portion of the town, including different type of roads and acoustical scenarios. Roads will be classified and assigned to a suitable number of clusters, on the basis of traffic characteristics. Twentyfour roads representative of these clusters will be continuously monitored to provide noise levels for the update of noise maps.
The second pilot area is located along a major road, i.e. the ring road (Motorway A90) surrounding the city of Rome. Sensors devices will be installed in hot spots where traffic counting is unavailable to feed the dynamic mapping system with real time information on noise levels. About 25 devices will be used to provide information on noise levels generated by the motorway and dynamically update noise maps. About one quarter of the ring road, for a total length of 25 km, will be equipped with the new sensors.

Dynamic noise maps are not accessible at the time being and will be published as soon as they will be available.

Example of Dynamic Map